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Konstantinos Koskoletos

Konstantinos Koskoletos is a child survivor of the World War II Nazi occupation of Greece. In “Miseries of Occupation” he traces the mystery surrounding how his father came to be falsely accused of a crime and then executed with sixteen others at the hands of his fellow countrymen.

Despite his war-torn childhood, he graduated from the Archimedes Engineering Academy in Piraeus, Greece, and immigrated to America where he founded an engineering firm. Now 82, he is retired from the engineering company he founded, and chronicling his memories of those early years.

He founded Artemis Arrow Books, LLC in 2015 so that he could bring the little-known story of what he and his countrymen withstood under Nazi-occupied Greece to the general public. "Miseries of Occupation" is the first published title (available on Amazon.com) under the Artemis imprint.

Artemis Arrow Books, LLC

He has also published ΠΕΡΑ ΑΠ' ΤΟΥΣ ΟΡΙΖΟΝΤΕΣ (“Beyond the Horizons”) a story about an orphan named Jason who flees Greece after the Nazi occupation and the dreadful seven-year-long Civil War that followed, to travel the world in search of safe harbor which the protagonist ultimately finds in America.

In 2021, the English version of this book, "Beyond The Horizons" was published and is now available for purchase.


Artemis Arrow is dedicated to the mission of bringing the untold stories of Greece – whether modern Greece or Hellenic Greece – to light for readers everywhere but especially for Greeks and Greek-Americans who are appreciative of these works.


We are accepting submissions from authors with untold stories to tell. Whether you're a first-time author or a seasoned professional, our imprint will ensure that your book is well-written and ready for publishing.

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