Artemis Arrow Books Regrets to Announce the Passing of It’s Founder

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Artemis Arrow Books founder, Konstantinos Koskoletos.  Konstantinos passed away on Thursday, February 24, 2022, at the General Hospital in Corinth, Greece. Konstantinos was deeply loved by his family and friends and it can’t be put into words the loss that will be felt by his passing. In addition to his family, his friends and those who had the opportunity to work under him will also feel a tremendous loss. He was an extraordinarily smart and accomplished engineer who built a precision machining company in 1962 in West Hurley, New York.

His exceptional work ethic, long term commitment to his clients and suppliers, diligence in strong quality control, unwavering desire to always do the right thing and his belief that his customers were integral to both his personal and the company’s success made him truly one of a kind.

Konstantinos also had an intense passion for reading and writing about Greek history, it’s ancient civilization, Greek mythology, along with Greece’s geopolitical landscape and events. From 1975-1995, he would write and consistently be published in the Greek and Greek-American newspapers. During that period of time, the topic he mostly wrote about had to do with Greece’s national interests, and in particular, the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Two decades later, his books were inspired by his vivid memories and experiences from being child-survivor of the Nazi occupation of Greece.

Once Konstantinos officially retired as an engineer in 1996, he was finally able to dedicate his time to the writing of his first book, which was published in Greece in 2005. Later on, in 2014, he founded Artemis Arrow Books, a platform for his readers to purchase, read and share his work. All in all, he published two books, in Greek and English: “The Miseries of Occupation: A Child Survivor Remembers” and “Beyond the Horizons”.

Konstantinos’s vision for the company will be continued by his daughter, Konstantina. He is also survived by his wife, Magdalene, his son Stavro, and his grandson, Konstantinos.

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Konstantinos Koskoletos

12/12/1943 – 02/24/2022

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