Interview With Konstantinos Koskoletos: An Intrepid Warrior for Truth

LIn a world where truth is often obscured by cover-ups, lawsuits, and oft-told lies, it’s always refreshing to meet someone to whom the truth matters. Konstantinos Koskoletos is one of those individuals. His book, Miseries of Occupationis essentially a ‘hero’s journey’ – a quest for the truth of what happened to his beloved father during the Nazi occupation of Greece – or to use its rightful, name Ellas – and the devastating and destructive civil war that followed. For 70 years he fought to vindicate his father and the sacrifice he made trading places with another when nationalist fascist forces murdered seventeen men they accused, without proof , of being communists on the island of Aegina. Mr. Koskoletos’ life and quest are the crux of his book, but the book also reveals a vibrant and interesting writer as well.

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