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Welcome to the blog – a place for sharing stories, comments, photographs — related to the book, “Miseries of Occupation: A Child Survivor Remembers” an independent title published this year by Artemis Arrow Books, LLC.

As the author of the book and founder of Artemis, I want to connect with readers who might have an interest in tracking Greek history (#trackinggreekhistory on Twitter) for the years covering the Nazi occupation (which my book chronicles) or might become interested in this chapter of Greek history once more details about the events of those years become known.

Much of my memoir excavates the painful story of how my father, a Greek resistance fighter, came to be captured by Greek Nazi collaborators and subsequently executed on the Island of Aegina. I have spent most of my adult life (I’m now 80) piecing together the facts surrounding this astounding event. In the process, I found out truths too few know.

Even though the book is packed with dramatic episodes about the Nazis who invaded our country and there is a featured insert of photographs to illustrate the story, I have more research and archive material that I can and will share with readers here.

We will also share items of interest about other periods of Greek history – stretching back to ancient times – along with stories and articles we believe our readers would like to hear about.

If you happen to land on our blog – you might want to browse excerpts from the book here, or just go to the Look Inside feature for the book on Amazon here.

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